Surely, everyone knows the situation we desire TO KNOW SOMETHING. The simpliest way is to ask someone around, but not always we know the right person who can help us. Internet searching then becomes a work for hours, sometimes days and companies paying some hired specialists have to spend huge amount of money for the same reason.

Luckily, Helpito makes a community of people and let them share requested information between each other. It means, instead of paying for an expensive company specialist or asking all your friends and neighbours, you can come to Helpito, ask there and just wait for your answer. On the other hand the same way you can help someone else with his issue or question.

By other words, Helpito community works as a Peer-to-Peer network of more or less knowledgeable people who can profit of sharing information.

The solution of an issue assignment to one chosen individual proven by community makes the communication more professional than on the internet forums and social media, brings a nice level of customer care and still keep your budget lower and save time.

Read more about Helpito and the aspects from Solvers and Users perspectives.

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Be a Helpito User

Helpito solution has been made for helping wide range of customers from INDIVIDUALS, through SELF-EMPLOYED up to SMALL and MID-SIZE BUSINESSES. Yes, all these people can simply register and start raising their questions.

None of you will ever need to spend hours or even days sitting behind the computer, searching in the internet and face negative attitude of social media haters and forum ego-centrics. Just use your phone, reise your question from anywhere and in the meantime you will be enjoying your time, let someone take care about your request.

It is quicklier, more efficient, cheaper and in case you would still not be happy, let us know and will fully refund you!

Customer care

Avoid internet forums and social media „haters“. Enjoy the luxury of having your own consultant who will do his/her best to answer your question.

Money-back guarantee

Customer satisfaction is the most important factor for us. Therefore Helpito system secure and guarantee 100% money back if you will not be happy.

Choose your Specialist

Take an advantage of selecting your intended specialist or review previous requests and setup required level of satisfaction which you prefer.


Specialists in Helpito are people like you – not some company specialists, not required to pay additional costs, so that they can keep their rates much lower.


Thanks to Helpito application, you can raise your request in seconds and start communicate with a specialist very efficiently. With our notification system you cannot miss any response.


You do not need to spent hours or days with Google anymore. Ask through Helpito and get your answer much more quicklier meanwhile you do what you really like.

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Become a Solver

Being really good at something needs some patience and usually quite a lot of experience. Nevertheless any person can’t be an expert in everything. Sooner or later every specialist will need some help of another.

In Helpito, everyone can become a Solver and help others, because everyone has some proficiency in a specific category. Take an advantage of the benefits provided by Helpito, help people around and get rewarded to your satisfaction. Helpito will make sure you will receive a feedback so that you can continuously improve yourself and enjoy positive reviews of your happy customers.

Your own business

With Helpito you are your own Boss, you decide about you salary and the same you can change it as you wish.

Have choice

No customer can decide you will work for him/her. It is always your choice. First, check the customer requests history and feedback. After it make your decision to accept his request or not.

Get feedback

Feedback is important in achievement of great level of service. Helpito reaches customers to gain valuable feedback and secure a possibility of an improvement and positive reviews.

Satisfying work

Thanks to the possibility to choose the tasks you understand and you are good at, have the advantage of doing what you really like.

Minimal Expenses

Helpito works online which gives you chance to work from your home just with your computer or smartphone. No more long driving to an office!


Helpito gives you time flexibility so that it is up to you, when you have time to assign yourself a new request to help others with their issues.

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