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Frequently Asked Questions

The algorithm calculates new prediction and its percentages based on the team's past football matches of the current season with combination of the two teams match results in the current and last two seasons.

No, especially if you are going to bet on the match. Please, do your own reserch and use the tool as a support for searching opportunities.

The calculation does not consider any football team changes, injuries or card penalizations. The algorithm counts with the current form based on the previous matches in the season and considering results of the same team's matches in the current and last two seasons.

Additionally, the calculation differentiates whether the previous match was played at home or away and adding a weight to it.

Users can filter the past, yesterday, today, tomorrow or the future football events. Next, you can pick one or more leagues and the last selection is to filter the minimal interesting result predictions probabilities.

The Goal predictions tool displays probabilities of an amount of scored goals of both teams, only a home team or only an away team. You will find probabilities for a zero scored goals, one and more and so on up to four and more goals.

Smart prediction tool was built to save time while searching for the successul result predictions of the current season in particular leagues. Meaning the tool displays automatically only the football events having its result prediction higher than the last highest but unsuccessful.

This might result in hiding of some great opportunities with lower prediction possibility, but eliminates of the recommendations an anomalies.


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